A glimpse into Lyon’s Roman history

Les Musées Gallo-Romains has an extraordinary collection of Roman artefacts that are presented in a creative and sophisticated style. Take a glimpse into Lyon’s past!

Jess Gregory - 11.02.2014 - www.MyFrenchLife.org

Our guide to the sales in Lyon

Lyon is a great place to avoid large crowds and still find a good range of bargains in the French sales. Here are a few tips to ensure your shopping experience comes out on top.


Barbie dolls sail to Lyon in a slave ship

or the occasion of the 12th biennial of contemporary art in Lyon, l’église Saint-Just welcomes artist Tom Sachs and his sculpture, the ‘Barbie slave ship’. A critique of our consumerist, western, capitalist and pro-slavery society: names of famous personalities rub … Continued