The ultimate guide to French Christmas shopping: Food


Wondering where purchase fine French Christmas fare? Never fear, My French Life™ is here!


Local markets

My local market – recommended by Emily: “If I’m shopping for a Christmas meal or Christmas cookies, I love my local market. I live in the 15th, which isn’t a very exotic area, but there’s still a stand that sells spices and candied fruit from Morocco, which is perfect inspiration for Christmassy meals.”


Marché Montorgueil (pictured above) – recommended by Jacqueline: “Not far from where I live, there’s the trendy Marché Montorgueil, that’s where I will shop for Christmas.

The street is fabulous, vibrant, you can have organic food, chocolate confectioners, caterers, great bakeries, butchers… It is close to Les Halles and it’s kept the tradition of local and gourmet food around.”

For a touch of your pays de naissance

Abby says… “I am still very American when it comes to my holiday food. For Thanksgiving and Christmas I head straight for the Thanksgiving shop at 20 Rue Saint-Paul in Paris’s 4th arrondissement.”

For treats…


Hediard (pictured above) – recommended by Norma.


“I also make sure to go buy some salted caramels for my dad at the épicerie Breizh Café,” says Coco.

Hugo & Victor (pictured left) – recommended by An.

Angelina’s – “I always try to go by Angelina’s to pick up a jar of hot chocolate,” says Coco.

Mariage Frères – “I like to I’m a bit traditional and like making my own Christmas cookies and gingerbread. But I do love the Christmas blend teas from Mariage Frères,” says Emily.


Ladurée (pictured above) or Pierre Hermé “to get macaroons for my family,” says Coco.

And the winner is…

La Grande Épicerie de Paris – Recommended by NormaEmily & An.

The ultimate guide to French Christmas shopping: Food - My French Life - Ma Vie Francaise -

Celebrating their 160th birthday this year, La Grande Épicerie de Paris is the food hall of the eminent Parisian department store, Le Bon Marché.


You’ll find it on the Left Bank, a short walk from St. Sulpice, the Luxembourg Gardens and St. Germain-des-Prés.

The gourmand‘s equivalent of Musée d’Orsay (almost), it has everything you could ask for in the way of fine French cuisine: perfect for Christmas treats, or for the whole Christmas dinner or lunch spread.

You’ll find products from France, and all around the world, with everything divided in countries.

Watch a delicious video about La Grande Épicerie below:

Image credits:
1. Virginia Jones
2. Marché Montorgueil, by Rock Hopper on Flickr
3. Hediard, by Simon Q on Flickr
4. Carnet de Chocolats, by Yuichi Sakuraba on Flickr
5. Ladurée, by Jamie Anderson on Flickr
6. Le Bon Marché, by roboppy on Flickr
7. Le Bon Marché, by rc! on Flickr
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