How to be a savvy traveller – according to Mireille Guiliano

Hannah Duke - 10.04.14 - Savvy TravellerThough Mireille Guiliano spends most of her time sharing French womens’ secrets on happiness, ageing, professional life and never getting fat, she could also write the book on how to be a savvy traveller.

In fact, she’s such a well-seasoned savvy traveller that we’re hoping she does just that. When MyFrenchLife met Mireille, we were keen to glean some travel wisdom: does she take a carry-on? What are her travel staples? And how on earth does she look so stylish while doing it all?

For the launch of her most recent book, ‘French Women Don’t Get Facelifts‘ Mireille will be jetting around the world once again. Hear what the ultimate savvy traveller has to share on her secrets to travelling like a French women…

On her reluctance to travel – at first…

As a matter of fact, when I got picked by my school to spend a year as an exchange student I didn’t want to do it! I was so dumb. To me it was like… I’m going to waste a year, I’ll have to leave my boyfriend… My mother was unselfish – I mean, my father would have preferred if I didn’t go, but my mother saw it as a great opportunity and she convinced me.

I’m sure it was hard for her but she wanted the best for me – this would change my life. I would never have studied in Paris if I hadn’t gone to the US and lots of other things wouldn’t have happened.

Hannah Duke - 10.04.14 - Savvy TravellerOn the importance of travel…

It’s only when you live abroad and talk a lot… First you see that your country isn’t perfect which you tend not to see when you live there and you grow up. You start seeing the flaws, and then you start seeing how other cultures live.

Today young people travel much more, in my day, when I was young, very few people left.

Countries she’ll visit for her next book launch…

8: USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Holland and Italy.

The worst thing about travel…

The jetlag and long flights.

Carry-on or check-in…

Oh yes, I never check-in, all my clothes are very light.


Very early on we went to a wedding and we had very little money. My husband had his suit and I, a beautiful cocktail dress…and our suitcases got lost and didn’t show up until six weeks later so we had to buy clothes for the wedding. I can’t tell you how much this happens.

The savvy traveller secret to the perfect carry-on…

A few outfits, it’s usually black or white pants and lots of tops. I have a lifetime supply of issey miyake. It’s my favourite designer because you can roll them, you can wash and dry in five minutes and you always look chic…oh and a few scarves and a couple of necklaces and that’s it! Fortunately I don’t stay in one place long enough that they have now seen my entire wardrobe.

I usually wear very comfortable walking shoes that have a little heel. This trip I have three pairs of shoes. I wear one…and I have another black one and another cream one. I always said that the worst thing that can happen is that I have to buy something… It’s my mother’s tagline!

How much practice it takes…


Do you have any savvy traveller tips and wisdom to share? We’d love to hear them! Share the love in our comments box below.

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1. Courtesy of Mireille Guiliano, © Tim Knox.
2. Courtesy of Mireille Guiliano, © Tim Knox.
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