Finesse your French: how to have advanced French fun – part 8

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At this point in your French language journey, you’re certainly an advanced learner. But advanced doesn’t have to mean hard or boring! In fact, this is the perfect occasion for some serious advanced French fun.

If that sounds like a contradiction, consider how much better you tend to remember enjoyable experiences than boring ones.

Are you still discovering new information and perspectives?

Well then, there’s no reason why having fun in French can’t be informative and help you advance further on your language learning journey.

Advanced French games – trick yourself into learning MyFrenchLife™ - - Finesse your French - Advanced French fun - word games

One of the more obvious ways to have fun when learning French is by playing language games.

For those of us not lucky enough to be involved in large French group games in Paris, online games offer a more accessible alternative.

  • Bonjour de France has a great advanced French games section. Since this site also has games for lower levels, it’s a great chance to look back on your progress
  • Meanwhile, for building advanced and specific vocabulary, Digital Dialects has some engaging options

Fun French quirks – pour l’amour des mots

But what if interactive games seem to take up too much of your time and energy? Well, it can be just as fun to learn about the French language in a more passive way.

At the simplest level, some French words and expressions are simply hilarious. Did you know that one way to refer to a crackpot or eccentric in French is with the fantastic word hurluberlu?

At a deeper level of thought, words without direct English translations are a great way to get thinking about the connections and limitations of language.

Similarly, articles on French onomatopoeia will get you laughing. Take a moment to think about such questions as…

Why does a Francophone duck say ‘coin-coin’ while an Anglophone one just says ‘quack’?

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Appreciating French jokes

One of the hardest things to understand about any culture is its sense of humour. Just think about how much your favourite jokes depend on the specifics of your own culture!

A good list of jokes in French will take you a long way on its own, but for an even more immersive experience, why not try some French comedy?

Developing an appreciation (or even a basic understanding) of French jokes at this level will demonstrate your commitment to engaging with French culture at a very high level.

And of course, a bit of knee-slapping never hurt anyone!

Advanced French fun will take you far!

As all of these resources show, having fun with French will further your understanding of the language and culture far more than you might expect.

As you approach a truly advanced level of learning, having fun with French is not only a way to celebrate your achievements, but also a way to push yourself further.

And after all the work you’ve already put in, haven’t you earned it?

MyFrenchLife™ - - Finesse your French - Advanced French fun - games

Which ways have you found to include advanced French fun in your language learning journey? Share your favourite French jokes, quirks, and games in the comments section below!

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