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If you’ve just joined our community or if you’ve missed recent le Bulletin newsletters here are a few, ready for your deep dive…

le Bulletin is our weekly newsletter which provides your weekend French immersion with our most recent magazine articles to help you become a more savvy Francophile with a deeper understanding of France.

In addition to the recently published articles, each le Bulletin includes a ‘Missive‘, a conversation of sorts, between our Founder and editor-in-chief, Judy MacMahon & you. The topics of the ‘Missive’ are wide-ranging and sometimes surprising, they are impossible to categorise, other than to say that they are in various ways relevant to all Francophiles…

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Le Bulletin 10 most recent editions:
– Literature & Empathy – 8.5.2021
– Love, Grief, and Creativity – 1.5.2021
– Love Stories – 24.4.2021
– Laughter – 17.4.2021
– Wondering about and Wandering in Paris – 10.4.2021
– Living IN French – 3.4.2021
– Bilingualism – How’s yours? 27.3.2021
– In awe of humility – 20.3.2021
– Have we told you lately that we love you? – 13.3.2021
– Feeding the Spirit and the Heart in Paris – 6.3.2021

There are many more le Bulletin newsletters available to subscribers & accessible from your own le Bulletin

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