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Binge on Paris – UPDATED DAILY: guided walks, video & photos abound!

Weekday Wanderings in Paris – Please join us

This article is intended to provide you the opportunity to BINGE on PARIS.
Our weekday Wandering is an initiative instigated during the Covid Pandemic where members who reside in France are generously showing other members their favourite parts of Paris. These are casual chatty live videos designed to help members who are yearning to be in France right now and can’t get there!

You can use these videos as welcome reminders of your previous experiences OR you may be introduced to places you didn’t know existed.

Help me thank the members who are overcoming nerves and technology fear to do this for most of us.
We will continue to update this list.  

In the comments section below please let us know where you would like to be taken… And find out how to be invited to the LIVE videos – see below!

How to Navigate our BINGE articles? These articles are being added to frequently with lots of videos, photos and more… so to find your way follow these tips.


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Buttes-Chaumont: Weekday Wandering in Paris with Jacqui – 15.10.2021

Bonjour Weekday Wanderers… today we went to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (19ème), which is a very hilly and beautiful landscape in the northeast corner of Paris. It is accessible via métro line 7bis (a tiny little line off line 7) at stations Buttes-Chaumont or Botzaris, or Line 5 métro Laumière. It is the 5th largest park within the city (24.7 hectares), featuring a 50-metre high rocky island at the centre of an artificial lake, with various grottos and waterfalls in the surrounding English-style gardens. I really enjoyed exploring the small section I covered in the video, but there is so much more to see, as well as in the neighbouring quartiers; I didn’t manage that today, definitely something to add to my to-do list!

le Train Bleu – Weekday Wandering in Paris with Jacqui – 12 October 2021

Bonjour Weekday Wanderers… today we went for breakfast at Le Train Bleu, the spectacular and iconic restaurant located at Gare de Lyon. Unfortunately, discretion and privacy for the other patrons limited our video so it was not the scenic event I anticipated. We were seated in the lounge bar area which did not have the stunning neo-baroque/Belle Époque decor, though it was cosy and intimate for a relaxed get-together with friends. The service was very professional and friendly. Booking for either lunch or dinner is much more preferable to enjoy the beautiful scenery… I will have to do that again soon.

The Vendages Festival Montmartre – Weekday Wandering in Paris

Today we were at the Fête des Vendanges in Montmartre, the annual grape harvest festival which began in 1934. It was still relatively early when our video took place, I can assure you it got much more lively later on. What a great day!! I was not able to visit the Musée de Montmartre but I will definitely head back there again soon; I had forgotten how charming it is in Montmartre, I’m very pleased to have spent a beautiful day there today.

The Senat – Jardin du Luxembourg, 75006. Weekday Wandering in Paris – 5 October 2021

We’re at the Jardin du Luxembourg, enjoying the Parisian rain en terrasse, and seeing the Fontaines de Medici and Léda, which have recently completed an 18-month-long restoration.

“Come with us to ride on my favourite métro ride, line 6, which has an above-ground section or ‘métro aérien’ from Sèvres Lecourbe to Passy, with a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. The métro is so iconic, so Paris… sometimes it is dirty and overcrowded, but when it works well, it’s an efficient way of navigating the city. Love it or hate it, it’s the way of life here in Paris.” says Jacqui Lucquin Edwards

PARIS – Ride the METRO with Jacqui: Line 6—Total immersion in the sights and sounds – 1 October 2021

PARIS: Autour l’Arc de Triomphe – On scooter with Shannon Latimer Marchat

This lovely video is a gift from long time member and Paris Resident Shannon—a birthday gift! so wonderful!!! Merci mille fois Shannon.

Shannon says: “As a long-time Paris resident, nothing has gotten me more excited to get out and take some photos and videos than the Cristo installation. It really shook 18 months of the covid blues and it was fun to see so many others coming together to enjoy the view.

I am lucky to have a Vespa ? to scoot around Paris on and to have a fearless friend who would brave Paris traffic to film this with me when my chest-mounted GoPro decided not to turn on.
This is a little clip I made with some ??
(PS – A very happy, belated birthday to Judy – thanks for creating this fun community! )”

Picpus Cemetery: Weekday Wandering in Paris – 28sept2021 with Jacqui Lucquin-Edwards

Daumesnil: Weekday Wandering in Paris – 28sept2021

Arc de Triomphe Wrapped – 21sept2021 – Christo & Jeanne-Claude

Odéon: Weekday Wandering in Paris—6eme arrondissement – 17 September 2021

Latin Quartier: Weekday Wandering in Paris—5eme arrondissement – 7 September 2021

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