Secrets of St-Rémy: the ultimate insider guide

My wife Val and I live part of the year in St-Rémy-de-Provence, a charming town between Marseille and Avignon. I’ve written a guidebook about the area, An Insider’s Guide to Provence, where I share some of our favorite things to see and do. I hope that you enjoy immersing yourself in this series about the Secrets of St-Rémy.

There are six entire articles to click through and read, and they’re all based on that book. Let’s dive in…

1. The Must-See Sights

St-Rémy is where Vincent van Gogh spent a year in a mental asylum, after that unfortunate business with his ear. You can still visit his old room, kept as it was when it lived there. And there is a walking tour through town where you can see some of the places he painted.

St-Rémy also has one of the most dramatic Roman victory arches in Europe, and the well-preserved remains of an important Roman town. Try to visit St-Rémy on a Wednesday if you can, and enjoy strolling through one of the best open-air markets in France. The Must-See Sights article is here – Read more…

Secrets of St-Rémy

2. Favorite Places to Eat

Provence is a breadbasket, and the food is just wonderful…if you know where to find the best restaurants and cafés. I share some of the gems that Val and I have discovered. One is so popular it’s hard to get a reservation, unless you know the secret (shh!). The Favorite Places to Eat article is here to …Read more…

Secrets of St-Rémy: the ultimate insider guide

3. Favorite Wineries

Provence is a wine lover’s paradise, where wine has been made for thousands of years. You can get any color you’d like—red, white, or pink—because what’s a French meal without wine? I tell you about our favorite wineries, all of which have friendly tasting rooms with English-speaking staff. One is on the site of a medieval Court of Love! The Favorite Wineries article is here – Read more…

Secrets of St-Rémy: the ultimate insider guide - wineries

4. Favorite Boutiques

Do you fancy some ice cream on a hot day? Does your hair need a touch-up? Are you looking for fine leather goods? I’ve got you covered.

I also tell you where to find great olive oil, because St-Rémy is in the center of French olive production. And if you’d like some of the best chocolates in France, you’re in the right place! The Favorite Boutiques article is hereRead more…

5. Hiking and Biking

St-Rémy sits next to the Alpilles Natural Park, named after the small mountain range at its
center. If you’d like to stretch your legs, the park is a beautiful area for hiking and biking. I
share my favorite routes, from flat, shady walks all the way to bike rides that will get your
blood pumping. Let’s go! The Hiking and Biking article is here... Read more…

Secrets of St-Rémy: the ultimate insider guide

6. Animal Traditions

The people of St-Rémy have a deep respect for nature and for the animals that have long been integral to their rural life. If you are here in the spring, you can enjoy the transhumance, where thousands of sheep are herded through the streets. There is also the celebration of Saint Eloi, where festively-
dressed horses parade about town. And from spring through fall are the bull games calledcourse camarguaise, where the top bulls become famous and even enjoy endorsement contracts! The Animal Traditions article is here…Read more…

Secrets of St-Rémy


Have you ever been to St-Rémy-de-Provence? Do you have any favorites to add to this Guide? Please share in the comments section below.

Image Credits:
Van Gogh: Public domain
Table and trees: Val Van Sickle
Grapes: Château Romanin
Hand and chocolate: Joël Durand, Chocolatier
Hiking man: Pixabay Royalty-Free Images
Transhumance: Keith Van Sickle

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