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Uncovering Versailles: King Louis XIV’s secret French passion

The gardeners and students at the little known kitchen garden at the Chateau de Versailles in France strive to maintain King Louis XIV’s rare fruit varieties and experimental gardening technics. Once a mosquito infested bog, the potager is now a national treasure.

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French wanderlust: a chat with Doni Belau, CEO and founder of Girls’ Guide to Paris

America’s history is anchored in the pioneer experience and perhaps we are still a bit like cowboys, going out to discover. In France people are more focused on life. That is still a big difference.

This is the commonality that Ma Vie Française readers have with our readers. I’ve talked about this through the guide for years. There’s a myth, a fantasy about Paris, which we bring with us. It’s the most feminine and sensual of French cities. It’s a classically beautiful city, the buildings are made from local limestone and they aren’t high, which gives a completely different feeling. It’s easy on the eye.

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The Paris Book Fair

The annual Salon du livre de Paris is the number one meeting place for all bookaholics, as well as industry professionals. International stars of fiction and non-fiction talk about their new books and meet their readers, who invariably wait in line for hours to have their copy signed, dédicacé.