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Off the beaten Parisian track: 7 French spots to discover

Last month, I wrote about five things you may not yet have done in Paris, focusing on experiences and not just sightseeing. But the sightseeing has its place in the tourist itinerary too. So this month, I would like to share my top seven list of lesser-known sites in Paris, one for each day of the week!

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French tours: ‘Beware Madame la Guillotine!’

Your narrator is 24 year-old Charlotte Corday, legendary murderess of Jacobin revolutionary, Jean-Paul Marat. Charlotte stays with you through the entire tour, leading you through the most important events of the French Revolution.

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Wasteful tourism in the French capital

They smell. I suppose I should have guessed this, but somehow silly me thought this tourist attraction would have found a way to eradicate the cesspool-y odors. That being said, it was not so bad. You get used to it. It’s a not-your-average-day-of-sightseeing experience…

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Paris less visited: The French quais of the 15th arrondissement

The quais by the river Seine in Paris’s 15th arrondissement just below the Bir-Hakeim bridge are not as visited as the bustling embankments of central Paris. Yet a stroll along these ancient docks with their large cobblestones and hovering trees will bring you back to a Paris of another time.

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A wander through Mouzaïa

Mouzaïa is an oasis of villas or pedestrian walkways and stairways lined with street lamps, cobblestones and stunning houses (not apartments, houses!), most with their own gated yards.

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I don’t love all things French

If you come to France with the romantic notion that life will be perfect, you won’t last. But if you come expecting the good and the bad, you might just never leave.