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“I am Australian-born but Parisienne at heart. I've spent 8 years in Paris, and can usually be found sipping coffee on café terraces or snuggling up with my cat and a book. Follow me on Twitter, or find me on LinkedIn."
4 04, 2013

From mademoiselle to madame: Finding my place in France

By |2013-07-23T13:32:33+10:00Apr 4, 2013|4 Comments

And just when I was starting to get used to being addressed as mademoiselle, I went and got married, and overnight, without anyone asking my permission, I became madame. Where mademoiselle implied a certain mystery, and fancy-freeness, madame seems concrete, serious, and somehow makes me feel old.

19 12, 2012

On life in France

By |2013-04-20T15:58:53+10:00Dec 19, 2012|Comments Off on On life in France

Before moving to Paris I had a whole host of ideas in my head about what Paris was like. It was a place where everyone was effortlessly slim. A city where people drank only fine wine, with restraint. Un endroit full to bursting with excellent home cooks, where frozen food wouldn’t be tolerated.

23 10, 2012

Dangerous liaisons: the secret lives of French politicians

By |2013-04-17T12:20:37+10:00Oct 23, 2012|13 Comments

The French claim not to care about the private lives of their politicians; rather they profess to judge them only on their leadership ability. By contrast, almost every action a politician takes in Australia is scrutinised, and sensationalised by the media.

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