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Why Gabriella came to France

The big question once Gabriella arrived in Europe was which country she wanted to live in. Sweden was too cold, obviously. She thought that Italy or France might be a possibility.

Gastronomie |

Café gourmand – a French speciality

By the time dessert comes, I’ve usually had enough to eat. What I really prefer is a cup of coffee with a little tidbit to go with it. And that is exactly what a café gourmand is, except that there are usually 3 or 4 different little tidbits.

Mode + Beauté |

How to look French

Walking behind a family in the Palais Royal, Paris, a girl of about 8 or 10 was carrying an adult’s handbag. The way she held the bag, walked and had layered her clothes was unmistakably French!

Vie Française |

Coup de coeur – my French house

When my husband and I visited Closerie Falaiseau in Blois for the first time, it was exactly the same for both of us – le coup de coeur … Then I heard the date – 1584. Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined owning a house more than four hundred years old. We went inside and the magic continued.

Vie Française |

Spring in Paris

Spring in Paris will always remain a source of wonderment for me. In the Palais Royal Gardens, beneath my windows, the first signs of spring are the magnolia trees.

Escapades |

Leonardo: Paris Below the Surface

Most people have heard of the catacombs, which are actually an ossuary. But few have heard about the other underground activities that have been taking place beneath the city of Paris for centuries.

Vie Française |

An Aussie in France

Maybe it was the Latin mass that started it all. I loved chanting away in a language that wasn’t my own even if I didn’t know what I was saying. So when I started to learn French at high school, I was delighted. I even talked to my dog in French!