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À table ! 7 fond French dining memories

Dazzling white tablecloths… starched napkins… the obsequiously formal waiter (always a man!)… All embody the French restaurants of my childhood! Although my family seldom ate out when I was growing up, I was absolutely in love with the pomp and pageantry of restaurant dining.

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My French childhood Christmases

On Christmas day, we had a “traditional” Christmas dinner – which always included an appetizer of escargots and raw oysters, which I loved. It is only much later that my parents began to serve foie gras at Christmas.

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I see dead (French) people

One of the most popular tombs remains Oscar Wilde’s, on which there were always hundreds of traces of lipstick left by visitors who would kiss it. Cleaning the lipstick proved tedious and expensive, so the cemetery administrators decided to surround the tomb with a Plexiglas fence.

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And now, a little French Olympic nostalgia…

I hope that the human race will ensure that the Olympic Games remain a peaceful and joyous event. Remember, «Le plus important n’est pas de gagner mais de participer» – “The important thing is not winning, but taking part”.

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Hidden France: off the beaten Parisian path

Here I was, with an entire month in Paris, a city that I know well enough, but not thoroughly. My goal was to get off the same old beaten Parisian path – discover new places, revisit old favorites, and enjoy things that are not available to me in the U.S.A.