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Lighting up in France

“Here, a tobacconist is likely to be subjected to checks once a century,” says Didier Migaud, President of the State Auditor, Cour des comptes. Migaud also laments that government subsidies of tabacs (tobacconists) far outweigh its funding of prevention measures.

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A French pilgrimage: canelés in Cap Ferret

Before us sits a golden toffee-crusted delicacy, which Lucas might have brought me half-way around the world to Cap Ferret to savour. I bite through the caramelised shell, experiencing waves of textural sensations…

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Meet the Pope of French cooking

“I would like to be remembered for creating the school and the Bocuse d’Or,” says Bocuse, referring to the Institut Paul Bocuse – the impressive culinary and management school he created in 1990. With state of the art equipment and exceptional staff, the school attracts students from over 35 countries.