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Uncovering secret Paris: revival of the Parisian passages

From the late 1700s till the mid-1800s, 100 or so Passages were built in Paris. Their demise was signalled by the first department stores and for the few which survived Haussmann’s remodeling of Paris, they were only the shadows of their former splendor.

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A diarist in France’s Belle Epoque

Marie Bashkirtseff was a child prodigy and later a young daring woman, expressing her desire for life and her revolt against the limits imposed on the women of her time through her diary… if she lived in this era I believe she would’ve been an amazing blogger.

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Autolib: France on the move

You cannot walk in Paris and miss them. They are everywhere, three to five cars, along the street, tied to their recharge unit. That is how I first considered using this service. Who were they for, how did it work? How much did it cost? I was intrigued.