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World Kite Flying Championships in the north of France

Every year in spring, Berck-sur-Mer – a charming seaside resort town on the Opal Coast of Pas-de-Calais – hosts les Championnats du Monde de cerf-volant (the World Kite Flying Championships) and the beach and seafront are transformed into a magical sight.

Arts + Culture |

Le Carnaval de Dunkerque

The Dunkerquois love to party and celebrate their heritage. The ‘Carnaval de Dunkerque’ takes place over several weeks with a series of weekend balls, and processions with bands playing in the streets of local towns and villages.

Vie Française |

From London to un petit patelin

I’d never had an animal in London – no time, no room, and frankly no inclination although I had a son! However, shortly after I moved to France, stray animals started to come into our life.