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Paris celebrates Chopin in 2010

Really immerse yourself in Paris, the language and it’s history. See the exhibition and also stroll through Chopin’s Paris (download in french) – Chopin’s walks incorporate some of the places held dear to him in Paris.

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There’s even a farm in Paris – Video

The Farm of Paris – Feel like finding a bit of countryside in Paris for free? Take a stroll round the city’s farm! Located in the Bois de Vincennes, the Farm of Paris is an educational farm using organic farming.

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Welcome – Video

WELCOME is an outstanding award-winning new french drama involving compassion, love, seperation and dislocation. It causes reflection upon the risks and challenges refugees…

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Shall we ‘faire le pont’?

If someone asked you “Shall we faire le pont?” how would you react? Is this a pick-up line? There must be a mistake! Well, no mistake at all… we all do this from time to time, it’s just that the French have a name for it.