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Nage en Eau Vive

Nage en Eau Vive, is an extreme(ly crazy) sport played out in French rivers. Its translation, ‘Swimming in live water’ is explanatory. Basically, people get into wet suits, flippers and helmets; take a kick-board and throw themselves into rivers. It’s like white water rafting. Without the raft.

Escapades |

Interview: Brigitte Muir

Et bien je dois dire que la conquêtes des sommets m’a aidée à découvrir qui j’étais, et ce qui est important dans la vie: aimer, et donner, sans arrière-pensée. Vivre dans le présent, tout en envisageant le futur d’une manière responsable et engagée. Comme nous disons ici en Australie: action speaks louder than words!

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Interview: Janet Skeslien Charles

Two of my dear Ukrainian friends married men they barely knew to escape poverty… I wanted to write about how these women ignored the warning signs because they wanted to believe in the American dream.

Vie Française |

Interview: Kimberley Petyt

I fell in love with Paris when I was little, in grade school, and saw the film Le Ballon Rouge. The image of Paris in that film just stuck with me: the ‘foreign’ feeling of the old cobblestones, the ironwork, the tall stone buildings…

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Profile mode: Clémentine Levy

Comme je suis mannequin j’ai voulu construire mon blog plus comme un portfolio, un book en ligne mais en plus interactif. Partager mes backstages, les previews de shoots, mais aussi mes coups de cœur mode, musique…

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Interview: Andrew Shemin – 2

Episode 2: French favorites. “Shooting locations depend so much on the needs of a given project. In this project, I was drawn over and over to the Seine. It is… undeniably beautiful, especially that central stretch between the Louvre and the flying buttresses of Notre-Dame.”

Arts + Culture |

Interview: Andrew Shemin – 1

Episode 1: Life and filming in Paris. “I began this documentary about Paris with some ideas about what I wanted to show, but by the end of the second day of shooting, I decided I would let Paris do the showing.”

Mode + Beauté |

Interview: Arnaud Chevalier

For an art and history lover like me, France is a constant source of inspiration. My art is closely linked to history, and my art is very French. Anywhere I look, I can see fascinating things and not only in Paris, everywhere in France.