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A French queuing revolution

Wherever I go, I queue. To buy a baguette, to use the ladies room, to withdraw money. Queue queue queue queue queue. I am sure there is an ancient French saying that reads, “why be served straight away when one can queue?”

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French icons: A visit to the Moulin Rouge

The room is beautiful. Low lit table lamps, floor to ceiling red velvet, it’s exactly what I hoped and expected the Moulin Rouge to look like. I feel like I have walked straight into La Belle Epoque and all of a sudden I’m reminded that it’s over one hundred years old and rich in history as a venue.

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Navigating love in Paris: the problem with French men

I like the British guy I’m seeing, and I want it to work out. But, sometimes he behaves in a certain way (or rather doesn’t behave in a certain way) and I just think, “wouldn’t it be nice to go out with a French man”.

Because the French, they’ve got the love thing sorted, right?

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How to know when to leave Paris

In October it will be two years since I arrived in Paris, and for the first time in ages, I’m starting to think about my future. I can’t imagine staying in Paris for the rest of my life. But then again, I can’t imagine leaving either.

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Searching for the quiet side of France

Paris is a beautiful city, obviously. But honestly, as much as the tall Hausmanian buildings impress me wherever I go, after a while I start to feel like they’re closing in on me.

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The art of the French apéro

Several countries in Europe have their own way of enjoying an aperitif. The Spanish plump for dry sherry, the Greeks a gulp of ouzo, the Italians a Campari, and the French? Well, what else but champagne?

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The best French ice cream in Paris?

One of the two islands in the river Seine, the Ile St Louis is one of the most beautiful places in Paris. And, as luck would have it, it’s also home to the best ice cream in Paris: Berthillon. Ice cream with a view, is there really anything better?

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Moving flat in Paris

Moving flat in Paris is a stressful experience. In the nearly three months it took me, there were several times when I considered giving up. “I can live in a cold, damp and dark 20 square metre space, pas de problème!” I used to say as I stepped over the puddles caused by my leaky sink, leaky shower, and leaky windows.

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Learning to Love Paris

I’m not going to lie to you, we’ve had some pretty tough times over the past year and a half… But now, Paris and I are on good terms again… my eyes have been re-opened to all the exciting aspects of living here.