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Creative writer, English teacher, and pizza chef, I have been living in Paris for over 30 years. Less of a cinephile than a cinevore, I see a movie in the theater every day, and so aspire to see 365 films every year. In addition to the French film reviews on My French Life, I publish mini-reviews of every film I see on Leterboxd, Instagram and Twitter.
12 12, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Gerald Cleaver’s Uncle June – Leave it to Cleaver

By |2013-04-24T01:22:11+10:00Dec 12, 2012|1 Comment

At first, seemingly too freaky to buddy up to, June’s music settles into a groove deep enough that even a guy like me can get into it. In the end, Uncle June’s homemade jams show why jazz, coffee and older women are acquired tastes well worth the wait.

10 09, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Radauer-Plank & Dumont – Why B-minor when you can C A-major?

By |2013-04-26T05:44:54+10:00Sep 10, 2012|3 Comments

I instantly understand what more intelligent critics than I mean when they talk about the 'Romantic' period. What, you think I’m too much of a guy to be mature about this? C’mon now, I can Handel this, don’t be Hayden.

13 08, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Ensemble Almeida – World Music? Classical!

By |2013-04-26T06:53:13+10:00Aug 13, 2012|1 Comment

Four musicians bearing instruments streamed out single-file from the side stage door like clowns piling out of a tiny VW. Ensemble Almeida should be a nice change of pace as they don’t play classical music but 'latin' music, and I don’t mean 'veni, vidi, vici'. At least I hope I don’t.

12 07, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Pidoux, Jaupart & Ueyama Bach it up

By |2013-04-29T03:52:09+10:00Jul 12, 2012|1 Comment

In March, I attended a Classical Musical Festival at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Think of it as Woodstock without the ‘wood’. Three days of Peace and Quiet. The opening act of this extravaganza was a threesome formed by Raphaël Pidoux (cello), Pascale Jaupart (cello) and Kay Ueyama (harpsichord).

12 06, 2012

A Guy’s Guide To Culture: Vassilena Serafimova beats it

By |2013-04-29T04:38:28+10:00Jun 12, 2012|2 Comments

Ms Serafimova is not the author’s rock and roll, in fact she’s not even rock and roll at all. This charming percussionist put on a whole show of jazz and classical drum solos that kicked it in all the right places and helped me to make my peace with drummers.

12 04, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Sylvain Blassel, harper bizarre

By |2013-06-28T16:34:44+10:00Apr 12, 2012|0 Comments

Mostly what I know about the harp is that it’s a musical instrument that plays classical music, and I know harpist Sylvain Blassel recorded a very soothing CD with the harp called Bach – Goldberg Variations. I also know I saw him live, and here’s the proof of that…

12 03, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Creatures

By |2013-04-30T03:46:25+10:00Mar 12, 2012|1 Comment

I’ll try anything once, and that’s just one of the many things I have in common with all the arty types here in Paris. The inability to afford French cigarettes and a belief the day starts at night are others ... Artists and I will try anything once and we were all in deep at The Balzac the other night.

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