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Creative writer, English teacher, and pizza chef, I have been living in Paris for over 30 years. Less of a cinephile than a cinevore, I see a movie in the theater every day, and so aspire to see 365 films every year. In addition to the French film reviews on My French Life, I publish mini-reviews of every film I see on Leterboxd, Instagram and Twitter.
18 01, 2012

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Painful Piccolo

By |2013-05-01T00:00:48+10:00Jan 18, 2012|3 Comments

I get absolutely, freak-all nothing about classical music—and even less about the piccolo. I’m sure those of you who appreciate the unique brand of “music” that is the piccolo will love Jean-Louis Beaumadier’s latest effort, Pastoral. Point being, I did not care much for the music in this concert [...]

12 12, 2011

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: A Quadriplegic Takes On The Artist

By |2013-07-02T16:23:06+10:00Dec 12, 2011|5 Comments

Like The Artist, Intouchables is very American for a French flick. It has dialogue, for example. Plus, the dialogue isn’t some obscure, existential discourse symbolizing the relation of the royalty to the clergy in post-inquisition rural France—it’s about stuff normal people care about.

8 11, 2011

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: Jean-Jacques Kantorow and Pierre-Alain Volondat Play Schuman

By |2013-07-02T17:03:04+10:00Nov 8, 2011|0 Comments

Better men than I will write more insightful articles than I ever could explaining the nooks and crannies of culture. Those erudite treatises, however, are so far over most people’s heads as to cause nosebleeds. I’m here to present Parisian culture in terms so basic that even a man could understand.

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