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Escapades |

Five little things to love in the French tropics

When I commenced my life as an expat in New Caledonia, I spent my first weeks finding the gaps which were missing from home. But when holidaying in Australia 6 months later, I discover I’m missing parts of my new life in New Caledonia!

Vie Française |

Roadside shopping in the French tropics

Having lived the expat life in New Caledonia for several months, I’ve discovered that the style of ‘shopping’ in this little French territory is far removed from that of my former life in Australia.

Vie Française |

Finding inspiration for a French tropical garden

In the tropical climate of the French territory of New Caledonia, gardening can be challenging. But when I visit the Salon de l’horticulture, I realise the steamy tropical weather is perfect for growing some very beautiful and interesting plants.

Gastronomie |

Fast food in the French tropics: le poulet rôti

Tania’s mobile rotisserie is laden with glossy chickens, slowly turning and dripping with delicious juiciness. She collects each chicken fresh from the glass-fronted rotisserie, a cloud of steam escaping as she deftly collects them for her customers.