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Saint's days in France - Saint Prudence - 6 May
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French idioms: Every voice counts 'à la Sainte Prudence[1]'

How good is your knowledge of French idioms? …As we saw the last polls for the French presidential election were very close, which meant that almost half of the French population were celebrating while the other half were having a bitter Sunday dinner. So, champagne or soupe à la grimace[5]?

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La France a voté le changement, maintenant!

Once again about 80% of the French population went to the voting offices on Sunday 6 May 2012. This will no doubt be a date to remember, as it promises to open a new era for France. With 51,67 % of the votes in favour of François Hollande, the French population has voiced out its will for a change in the coming five years.

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French presidential elections: a voter’s perspective

France is living a crazy two weeks between the first and second round of the presidential elections. In this entre deux tours, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande, the media and the unions have entered a frantic race of communication… And don’t be surprised if they knock at your door.