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Interview: Nicolas Grenier

La poésie, c'est jouer avec le langage, les mots et les sons. C'est un hobby, comme faire un footing au bois de Boulogne, ou se rendre à la messe le dimanche matin avec les grands-parents.

Making Peace with Proust: A Tale of Madeleines & Honey

I hate Proust. I suppose it isn’t really fair to him - his long-winded stream-of-conciousness-esque prose was to me a far cry from the the Hugos, the Camus, the Stendhals, the Molières of my undergraduate French lit degree. Before Proust, I was not aware that one sentence could be so relentlessly long. Reading Proustian prose made me feel as if I were wading through warm molasses- a sticky uphill battle that I wasn’t sure was worth the effort... But Proust... perhaps more than any other author I’ve ever read, stays with me.