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Architects of the State: Rise and Fall of the Beaux Arts - 1

1814 - 1872: Solid Foundations. The 19th century was a watershed for French Architecture. The catacombs were fully excavated. The controversial architect Viollet le Duc restored Notre Dame Cathedral. And Napoleon III commissioned Baron Hausmann to tear apart the city's narrow alleyways and pave grand boulevards.

Artist Bernard Gantner and Franche Comté

Bernard Gantner is a painter and illustrator who was born in Belfort in 1928. The landscapes of this region are for him what the Marquesas islands for were for Gauguin and the Provence for Van Gogh. Plus précisément à travers la peinture d’un enfant d’ici, Bernard Gantner. Peintre et illustrateur né à Belfort en 1928, il est aux paysages de cette région ce que Gauguin est aux Marquises et Van Gogh est à la Provence.