Column by Anne-Sophie Rouveloux: We all think we know France. Except that our impression is often closer to a two-dimensional image rather than to reality, even if we’ve spent years there. Why? Because being French is multifaceted. Moreover, French culture is rich and complex—and it's changing. Our thinking and our standards are constantly being challenged by contemporary French artists, whether they be authors or directors. We are, then, in turn, challenged to explore and question what it ‘really’ means to be French, and of course, more broadly, to live in the world today…

Book review: Award-winning 'Arcadia' by Emanuelle Bayamack-Tam - translated by Ruth Diver

The term 'Arcadia' refers to a peaceful place, where human beings live in harmony. Emmanuelle Bayamack-Tam’s title rapidly sounds ironic when we meet Farah, the narrator.

Book Review: At Night All Blood is Black by David Diop - translated by Anna Moschovakis

David Diop is the 1st French winner of International Booker Prize for novel 'At Night All Blood is Black'.