A dedicated Francophile’s perspective on all things French from an expat Aussie living in France. Ray's perspective is beyond the clichés, viewing the fascinating and often never-before-heard-of angles helping the reader gain a deeper understanding of the 'real' France. 'Perspectives' shares refreshing and sometimes shocking views of places, people, history, culture, gastronomy, and much, much more —you’ll never be underwhelmed.

Sexual affairs in France: infidelity and electability

French politics really are riddled with sex scandals – why does no one seem to care in France?

Quelle horreur! Marianne has hairy armpits

Marianne: the national symbol of France or working class harlot? Discover her many personas.

Advancing like an escargot: the representation of French women in politics

The progress of French women in politics in France has been moving at ‘snail’s pace’. Find out why.

Myth or legend? Angelic interventions and sex changes on the Way of St James

The Way of St James inspires many myths and legends, which story do you believe?

The Way of St James: just do it!

Ever wanted to go on pilgrimage? Just do it! Here’s all you need to know about the Way of St James

World War I: remembering the fallen soldiers

Why was the death toll for French soldiers so much greater in WWI than WWII?

Defending Paris: bad jokes and history myths

Discover the revisionist history of French's failed attempt at defending Paris during World War II.
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