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Interview: Juliette Sobanet - 2

Parc Montsouris in the 14th arrondissement is a gorgeous park with rolling hills, a sparkly lake, a tree-lined walking path... and lots of men jogging in obscenely small shorts!
 Paris, France

Ch’ti Pride!

With the release of Dany Boon’s blockbuster movie Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis in 2008, it…

Passy Cemetery

I am a recent convert to cemetery visits... I caught the 'bug' from my taphophile…
 Paris, France

1920s postcards

The ones I thought might interest you, dear MyFrenchLife™ visitor, are the six postcards sent from France between 1921 and 1922 to the Williams family, who lived in Sydney. I wish I could ask Nanna Forte how she came by these cards or whether she knew the Williams family, but she passed away many years ago.
 Paris, France