Discover the many faces of France: chefs, authors, artists, architects, singers, restaurateurs... people just like you, with a passion that ties them to France. Listen as they share their scintillating stories, treasured memories and favourite French places.

Interview: Harriet Welty Rochefort — almost 50 years in France

After 50 years in France... My roots are not here but my heart is.

Interview: Elisabeth Sauvage-Callaghan - from Lille to the USA

France is in my DNA – so yes, there is such a thing as a born Francophile!

Interview: Susan Kiernan-Lewis - Paris, Provence & murder mysteries

Learn how Susan, the prolific author, indulges her Francophilia to enable regular visist back to France.

La vie de stagiaire: my internship at MyFrenchLife™ – Lauren Smith

I was instantly attracted by the focus on French culture: history, food & even book clubs - it seemed perfect.

Interview: David Collins – a Paris based novel in the works

When I began to study French, another world opened to me: the music of the language, the architecture, so very different from anything I had ever seen..

Interview: Jane S. Gabin - author, inquisitive observer & wanderer in Paris

Meet Jane Gabin and learn why & how she fell for Paris. Don't miss her recently published her debut novel:'The Paris Photo'.

Paris Mosaic: meet François Brault of Boulangerie Panifica

As part of our Paris Mosaic series, we meet François Brault, artisan baker at Boulangerie Panifica.
 Paris, France

Interview: Gina Hunt - my Parisian dream

Paris resident Gina is head over heels in love with Paris. The beauty & culture of the French capital, all feed her soul. Learn about her challenges and tips

Interview: Virginia Jones – photographer - Paris through my Lens

Virginia Jones credits her first trip to Paris in 2007 as the inspiration for what has become a new career in photography.

Interview: Janet Hulstrand - writer, editor, writing coach, teacher - living between France & USA

Janet is the author of 'Demystifying the French: How to Love Them and Make Them Love You'. She writes frequently for France focused leading publishers and for her blog: 'Writing from the Heart, Reading for the Road'.