Discover the many faces of France: chefs, authors, artists, architects, singers, restaurateurs... people just like you, with a passion that ties them to France. Listen as they share their scintillating stories, treasured memories and favourite French places.

Inspiring women: Murielle Pringez – setting out to achieve...

Meet Murielle Pringez – a committed and fearless business leader. Discover how she wants to help develop the talent of women often overlooked and create better integration into the labour market for them.

Inspiring women: Khadija Boujanoui - tireless fighter for equality

Meet Khadija Boujanoui – an enthusiastic & energetic equality fighter. Discover how she is trying to create a more fairer society for Moroccan women of the future.

Interview: Henrie Richer - fine art photographer and artist

Henrie Richer, accomplished fine art photographer, enjoys the best of both worlds. Her village lifestyle near Paris provides inspiration for her art! Learn about her challenges, success and new projects.

Interview: Ray Johnstone - Australia to Gascony & living in paradise

Ray and Lynne Johnstone relocated to Gascony against the advice of family and friends. Learn more about their life in paradise...

Interview: Keith Van Sickle - living between California and Provence

Francophile author Keith Van Sickle who spends his life between California and Provence share his passion and secrets about his life in Provence.

The French Village Diaries: meet the author - interview Janine Marsh

Jacqui Brown of The French Village Diaries is chatting with Janine Marsh, author of 'My Good Life in France', for her fun French interview feature.

The French Village Diaries: meet the author - interview Liz Ryan

Jacqui Brown is chatting with Liz Ryan, author of 'French Leave', from her fun French interview feature.

La vie de stagiaire: my internship at MyFrenchLife™ –  Lily Mac Mahon

Upon reflection, I can see that the internship definitely improved my confidence and I now had something concrete to talk about publishing interviews.

The French Village Diaries: meet the author – interview Ann Mah

This week, Jacqui Brown is chatting with Ann Mah, journalist, and author. Jacqui takes us behind the scenes of her fun French interview feature.

Inspiring women: Catherine Onnée – when passion overtakes fear

Meet Catherine Onnée – jockey and show jumper. How has her passion for horses influenced her life?