Discover the many faces of France: chefs, authors, artists, architects, singers, restaurateurs... people just like you, with a passion that ties them to France. Listen as they share their scintillating stories, treasured memories and favourite French places.

Interview : Mia Hansen-Løve - Réalisatrice - Part 1

En fait, ce qui a été le départ de mon rapport avec le cinéma, c’est le rôle que j’ai obtenu par hasard à 17 ans dans un film d’Olivier Assayas... Je savais ce que je ne voulais pas faire mais ne savais pas ce que je voulais faire.

Interview: Patrick Lindsay Bowles

I ... hid out in a local library one day, stumbled upon and was gorgonized by the French language section, came asap and have lived here most of my life ... I'm a father first, and Paris is the finest city in the world for children ...
 Paris, France

Profile: Kevyn Diana, actor

I met Kevyn Diana in a coffee shop in London in 2006, before I learnt French and when he spoke just a little English. At this time, our relationship was characterised by rudimentary insults in the mother tongue of the other.

Interview: Janet Hulstrand - 2

"I like to write about things I feel passionate about, whether it’s a favorite place or a pet peeve. If I’m writing about something I hate, writing helps to discharge the anger. If I’m writing about something I love, it’s fun to share my enthusiasm with others. To me each piece of writing is a challenge, a kind of puzzle to solve."

Interview: Sandra Gulland - 2

Episode 2: On Josephine, Louise and Claude (the heroines of her historical novels). "It's something in the woman's story that interests me, that draws me in. In the case of Josephine, it was the fact that her amazing life was foretold, long before she even went to France."

Interview: Susan Paulson

The Five Senses of Paris is a travel experience for women. Where women would come together in Paris, with me, and experience Paris from a creative perspective. Where one could engage, or observe, the arts, ask questions and listen to authors, poets, chefs, and documentary film makers... recreating the salons of the 18th century.

Profile Mode: Kenza Sadoun-El Glaoui

La France est une source d'inspiration malgré moi. J'y suis née, y ai grandi et y vit. Notre vocabulaire, notre cuisine, notre histoire, nos grands Hommes... Toutes ces choses que l'on m'a inculquées et dont je m'imprègne sans cesse, sans même m'en rendre compte ont forcément un impact sur moi.
 Paris, France

Profile mode: Florent-Alexis Wessels Faustin de So Dandy

Nous sommes un blog "lifestyle", mais centré sur la mode homme. Notre angle de vue est toujours éclairé à la lumière du dandysme. Chaque génération a eu ses dandys et son dandysme ; nous tentons d'écrire un blog qui plairait au dandy moderne.
 Paris, France