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How France has influenced my life: by Carolyne Lee - MyFrenchLife™ member

Discover how learning French has influenced the life of author Carolyne Lee.

Interview: Beatrice Colin's new view of the Eiffel Tower - Part 1

Author Beatrice Colin discusses her novel 'To Capture What We Cannot Keep' a tale of the Eiffel tower.
 Paris, France

Interview: Beatrice Colin's new view of the Eiffel Tower - Part 2

Part two of Beatrice Colin's interview discussing her new novel 'To Capture What We Cannot Keep'.
 Paris, France

Inspiring women: Virginie T – a sparkling life

Virginie T refused to be defined by her family name, so she created her own champagne label.

Alliance Française French Film Festival: interview with French Director Emmanuelle Bercot

Emmanuelle Bercot says: "These two films say something about our society... They are French films, but the stories can happen anywhere."
 Melbourne, Australia

Paris Mosaic: meet florists Muguette and Olivier of Des Fleurs Pour Soi

Des Fleurs pour Soi is not simply a flower shop. For Muguette and Olivier, floristry is a craft.
 Paris, France

Inspiring women: Hannelore Cayre – the right to imagine

Film, law, writing, Hannelore Cayre does it all! What will be her next project?

Paris Mosaic: meet bakery manager Élodie of La Parisienne

Making bread can be challenging, but bakery La Parisienne knows all the tricks of the trade.
 Paris, France

Inspiring women: Tina Kieffer - founder of Toutes à l'école

Tina Kieffer is a true inspiration; top editor, journalist, mother of five and now champion of girls' education in Cambodia.

Inspiring Women: trekking the Compostelle pilgrimage – Alix Baboin-Jaubert

A 1800 kilometre pilgrimage is tough at the best of times – but alone, in winter and with only two months to do it?