A dedicated Francophile’s perspective on all things French from an expat Aussie living in France. Ray's perspective is beyond the clichés, viewing the fascinating and often never-before-heard-of angles helping the reader gain a deeper understanding of the 'real' France. 'Perspectives' shares refreshing and sometimes shocking views of places, people, history, culture, gastronomy, and much, much more —you’ll never be underwhelmed.

Condom - What's in a name?

What an odd name! Ray takes us on a journey to discover some rather oddly named locations in France.

Only in France? how to eat an ortolan - not for the fainthearted!

The ortolan is a traditional - but outlawed - dish. We discuss this controversial French delicacy.

The French foie gras debate: Arnie Schwarzenegger, Prince Charles & the Vatican

Animal cruelty or simply tradition? See what you think after we look at the debate on foie gras.

The Statue of Liberty: a French connection in New York harbour

Does the statue of liberty represent a paradox in French and American political thought?

In search of Rousseau's 'noble savage'

Did Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his idea of the noble savage boost French exploration in the 1700s?

World War II: French doctors, English nurses and three grumpy old men

A very grumpy French leader & the historical victory of World War II: VE Day
 Paris, France

Jean Moulin: France's hero? Unravelling fact from fiction

Who was Jean Moulin? And was he really one of the great heroes of the French Resistance?

They left their blood in France: Tasmania's fallen soldiers of the Great War

Nearly 3000 Tasmanian soldiers died in the Great War. They are remembered at Soldiers' Memorial Ave.

Portrait of a hero: the story of French war prisoner Jacques Chantre

From corn fields to concentration camps, Jacques Chantre’s nightmare began at the age of 23.

Travels in the Cevennes: le chemin de Stevenson (without the donkey)

Join me to trace the steps of the legendary writer on le chemin de Stevenson and discover his story