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Open or closed door policy?

Americans who invite you into their home for the first time will often, in a grand display of pride of home ownership, give you a tour of their place - of course, once more, this does not always hold true, but it's a fairly common practice. This happens only very rarely in France. A French person's home is his or her private space and, as such, it is not to be shown to strangers or friends, unless they are extremely close friends.

Interview: Kim Laidlaw Adrey - 'I Heart Paris'

Episode 2: I’ve noticed in the last couple of years, since I’ve started doing what I love doing, I see Paris and the world differently. I guess if I could go back, I would be more confident. I would’ve taken control a bit more, and not been so timid - I would have piped up more in meetings.
 Paris, France