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American City Girl turns French Country Girl

After moving to France and living in the city my whole life, I started to gravitate toward the countryside when deciding to buy my first home in Provence. The hustle and bustle of everyday life was not for me anymore. I never had any peace and quiet, there were too many cars on the road (French people don’t walk as much as the used to), I was surround all the time by neighbors, I had no yard or garden and the city was not very clean. Life had changed me and I wanted a piece of the old, quiet, French life that I saw in the movies. That’s what I wanted and that is what I found. Was I becoming an old fogey?!

Bonjour de Lyon [FR & ENG]

C'est le pays des chevaux, des taureaux des gitans et des flamants roses. C'est un lieu qui marque le caractère de ceux qu y sont nés et, expansive et bavarde , je suis clairement une fille de ce Sud là.
 Lyon, France