How to live the French dream: Visit, move, live, study, work in France: Stories about frustrations, achievements & celebrations.

The road to Paris

En tous cas, I refuse to look through the rose-coloured glasses that so many expats in France love to wear. France is a great country but it's not all Ladurée macarons and walks along the Seine, en fait far from it. And for the record, I don't subscribe to the views that French women never get fat (they can and they do), that the French are all oh-so stylish (they're not – you only need to take the Metro to realise they’re clinging to and riding off an old reputation), and that you can never eat a bad meal (you can, just head to the Latin Quarter, it's inevitable).

Une Angeleno au French Twist!

Aujourd’hui je sais bien que "hi!" veut dire “salut !” en anglais. En 1974 quand je l’entendis pour la toute première fois je ne compris pas toutes ces exclamations “Aie ! Aie ! Aie ! ” prononcées à longueur de journée dans ma nouvelle cour d’école à Los Angelès. Voilà ce que fut mon premier contact avec l’anglais !
 Los Angeles, USA