How to live the French dream: Visit, move, live, study, work in France: Stories about frustrations, achievements & celebrations.

Interview: Claudia Toutain-Dorbec - 3

Episode 3: My French favourites "Three classic French, street photographers come to mind: Edouard Boubat, Jacques-Henri Lartigue and Izis. The humanity in Edouard Boubat's images has always touched my heart. I admire Jacques-Henri Lartigue's incomparable sense of style (which is still being imitated today). Izis, he combined both these qualities in his own way."

Interview: Christine Clais

Christine Clais is a French-born skin expert. She is regarded as one of the most respected and sought after facialists in the world. She has helped more than 30,000 women. Christine is based in Melbourne, Australia, where she treats clients at her boutique salon, ‘Le Petit Salon’.
 Melbourne, Australia