How to live the French dream: Visit, move, live, study, work in France: Stories about frustrations, achievements & celebrations.

What am I doing here?

I returned from France with a small silver plated ring, a bag of madeleines and a 500% improvement in the standard of my written and spoken French.

"chers tous"

D'ailleurs, pour éliminer la question classique dès maintenant... "Et le fromage alors? Comment tu fais…
 New York, USA

Interview: Hey I'm lost in cheeseland!

...I do love cheese but admittedly, I’m a poor excuse for a French cheese connoisseur. I adore Comté and goat cheese as well as other mild, hard cheeses, but I cannot stomach the pungent staples of French gastronomy – camembert, Roquefort, Brie, or Epoisses....
 Paris, France