Top 10 gluten-free eateries in Paris

A comprehensive guide for those with allergies, who are gluten-intolerant, or who are simply looking to experience un certain type of produce. Try something different – but no less delicious!

No glu in the dishes at Noglu, Paris

Noglu serves up avant garde, gluten-free dishes whose aromas hook the noses of those wanting a change from the traditional fare found amongst the stamp collectors and Parisian antique dealers of Passage des Panoramas.

Crowds flood in for Bio Sphère Café in Paris

The word bio is taking France by storm. But the fact that the Bio Sphère Café started out as a simply bio friendly restaurant and has now turned, almost, completely gluten free, tells that sans gluten is definitely the flood that follows the storm.

The American girl in Paris tour, part deux

It is the dream of nearly every girl to one day visit Paris, the city of love and Carrie Bradshaw of ‘Sex and the City’ fame was no different. Follow Carrie Bradshaw’s stilettoed footsteps around Paris and experience a different side of the city of love.