Why Gabriella came to France

The big question once Gabriella arrived in Europe was which country she wanted to live in. Sweden was too cold, obviously. She thought that Italy or France might be a possibility.

Fidelity in France: fact or fiction?

French psychologist Maryse Vaillant encourages wives to welcome their husbands’ affairs as a sign that their marriage is healthy because, as she says, “a pact of fidelity is not natural but cultural.”

An expat author in Paris: John Baxter

“Before then, I had no ambition to live in France, couldn’t speak French, and knew Paris only as a periodic visitor. It quickly became apparent that this was the city where I was always destined to put down roots.”

Interview: Agnès Samour – My French life through the lens

“Growing up surrounded by books has definitely influenced my creative endeavours. I started to read from a young age and had already devoured most books from Flaubert, Balzac & Zola before going to college. So I’ve always had this ‘dreamer’ personality and the will to invent my own reality.”

Gambling in France: is it a problem?

In Australia, it seems that opportunities to gamble are everywhere. In France, by contrast, gambling is largely limited to casinos and betting shops (PMU). But does this mean France is free from problem gambling?