Boulangeries, sunshine and nakamals

Positioned 20,000kms away from the Hexagon and a mere 1500km from the east coast of Australia sits an island. It has boulangeries, pâtisseries, and snorkelling that rivals the Great Barrier Reef. Its people speak the language of Voltaire, but their skins bake under the same intense sunshine that beats down on Queensland.

Window Shopping Parisian Style

Normally I’m not too keen on window shopping. If I’m not actually buying, then I can’t get excited about the goods – it makes me irritable (to put it politely). But the same rule doesn’t apply in Paris where window shopping is a national pastime.

My Beautiful Paris

As I exited Gare du Nord the sensation of Paris hit me. It hit me hard. My eyes welled up and I just stood there, frozen. I took a deep breath and thought: “So, this is Paris.” Within a short while the love affair began.

Maison Blanc, un petit coin de France en plein cœur de Londres

Une devanture immaculée, un nom court mais significatif et quelques douceurs en vitrine. Des éclairs au chocolat, un magnifique fraisier, une tarte au citron, des croissants, des pains au chocolat et même le pain aux raisins que j’aime tant. Un petit bout de France dans cette ville déjà francisée ? Oui et non.

Une journée à Bréhat

En congé pour la journée, je décide de visiter cette fameuse île dont j’ai beaucoup entendu parler, Bréhat (Côtes d’Armor). Je me rends en voiture jusqu’à la Pointe de l’Arcouest […], et embarque sur le bateau à moteur qui me dépose sur l’île en une vingtaine de minutes, parmi une foule de touristes.

Getting lost in Le Marais

The small, medieval streets are home to not only chic shops, but also delicious food, unique bars, and fantastic museums. Le Marais mixes all the best of Paris—old and new, young and old, traditional and modern.

Marcus Gniel – Ce Soir Wine

I was visiting the Farmers’ Market at Gasworks park in South Melbourne, Australia, when I noticed a stall selling canele. I tried some of these Aussie ones which were pretty delicious. What I didn’t know then was that Marcus, the stall holder, also imported French wine.

Francophiles & Cinephiles – You’re in for a Treat!

Australia’s French Film Festival, organised by the Alliance Française (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney), is about to burst forth on to the cinematic scene in March with a sensational line up of films. Read about the Festival and the Competition we’re running that will help to get you there!

My Passion for Paris (Fr & Eng)

There are so many guidebooks about Paris that every corner of the capital has been written about at one point or another. But I want to share what I believe makes Paris a fantastic and unique city.