Flavors of Paris Gastronomy Tour – 2

I received a serious olive oil education at Première Pression Provence. Examples of oil descriptions: notes of cocoa, mushroom, candied fruit, vanilla. Is this olive oil? Oui and from France! Voilà, now let’s taste!

Amoureuse de la France et du beurre

La boulangère m’a apporté le pain au chocolat et j’en ai pris une bouchée. Mon régime éternel fut instantanément oublié; j’ai découvert à cet instant la gloire du beurre et l’extase de la pâte feuilletée chaude.

Flavors of Paris Gastronomy Tour – 1

When I was invited on a VIP Gastronomy Food Tour in Paris, how could I refuse! The lovely Lisa Rankin, (Owner of Flavors Of Paris), “Off The Eaten Path” Tours met me in front of a 6th century church on the St Germain des Prés in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris.

Interview: Daniëlle Todd

The story behind Paris Pastry is that I had began baking a lot during one lazy summer. Browsing online for recipes I stumbled upon various baking-blogs… I was immediately inspired to write down and photograph the things that I had baked. After a while I made the decision to start a blog so my friends, family and maybe a few baking-enthusiasts could see what I had been making.

Profile: Susan Hochbaum

Susan found her muse in French pastries, which she thought rivaled any of the art works hanging in the city’s museums. She began seeing pastries everywhere: in Parisian monuments, trees, gates, which sparked a project that culminated in her book PastryParis.

Sugar and spice and all things nice

Visitors to France hanker after the boulangeries and pâtisseries found on every street corner of the country. The boulangeries, yes. The croissants, I understand. Macaroons, I LOVE, so I give them that too. These, after all, have become part of my holiday routine. And yet I rarely touched the things when I lived, worked, and immersed myself in French life… [But s]o how has this world of sucreries become such a reflection of French culture?

Une Angeleno au French Twist!

Aujourd’hui je sais bien que “hi!” veut dire “salut !” en anglais. En 1974 quand je l’entendis pour la toute première fois je ne compris pas toutes ces exclamations “Aie ! Aie ! Aie ! ” prononcées à longueur de journée dans ma nouvelle cour d’école à Los Angelès. Voilà ce que fut mon premier contact avec l’anglais !

Interview: Rachel Khoo – The Little Paris Kitchen

Rachel Khoo is one of Paris’s most exciting ‘food creatives’. Since moving to Paris to pursue her love of French pastries at the Le Cordon Bleu school, she has combined her technical culinary training with her design flair in a plethora of cooking projects.

Interview: Kim Laidlaw Adrey – ‘I Heart Paris’

Episode 1: Kim Laidlaw Adrey followed her heart to be in Paris to “do exactly what I want to do…in the city I want to be in” and started the blog “I Heart Paris” in 2009. Since then, Kim has been showing visitors and locals the best, newest and most interesting places in Paris. Her judicious selection and beautiful photos make the blog much more than a guide, reading it is like being shown Paris’s best secrets by a close friend.

We’ll always have Paris

After ten magical days, I boarded a plane bound for home. My red fleece coat was balled up in my suitcase, replaced by black cigarette pants and pumps. I didn’t want to simply be recognized as someone who had travelled to France; I wanted to be mistaken for someone who was French.