One year ago… student life in Paris

I’ve been in Melbourne for five months now and summer has finally hit the town. It is mid December, I’ve just bought a new bikini and now, I’m gently applying skin cream to my sunburns. Yes, this must sound so weird to all my dear French fellows and to Europeans in general who are preparing for Christmas.

French dialogue exercise: Noël en France

For the holidays, I created a realistic dialogue to introduce you to both the French traditions and precise vocabulary used in France around Christmas and the holidays. Pay close attention to the many uses of ‘on’. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

A Guy’s Guide to Culture: A Quadriplegic Takes On The Artist

Like The Artist, Intouchables is very American for a French flick. It has dialogue, for example. Plus, the dialogue isn’t some obscure, existential discourse symbolizing the relation of the royalty to the clergy in post-inquisition rural France—it’s about stuff normal people care about.

Why do I love all things French?

As these French women made their way down the windy street, I couldn’t help but notice their effortless strides and contented, peaceful gazes. It was like they had nowhere to be, no worries, no obligations.

Pétanque in Australia

About 17 million French people play pétanque casually. Numbers continue to grow gobally, including in Australia where there 1 200 registered pétanque players. We interviewed three players: Andrew Mack, Gary Hosie and Pierre Bommarito.

The French Five

My approach to the French five is somewhat modified; my aim is to add five pieces to my wardrobe that I believe are truly worthy of being worn not for an imagined future soiree or cocktail hour, but for every day of the blissful and glamourous life that I dream of living in Paris.

From Ivory Coast to France

Many Francophones and Francophiles would like to emigrate to France. Between the desire and achievement, dream and reality, the cliches and the discovery is an adventure.