August in Paris – to go or not to go?

In 2008, we lived in the Montmartre area of Paris … On August 1, we went to our favorite restaurant to discover, much to our dismay, that they would be closed for a month and a half, closing August 1, re-opening September 15. At first I thought, ‘How weird, why would anyone close for a month-and-a-half?’

French bread

Community hub: La Boulangerie

My favourite type of bread is ‘La baguette tradition’ which is tastier, heartier and far superior version of the famous ‘baguette’.

I can still feel the sense of pride in their voices

French people often ask me why I came to France & why I live in Paris… I often have difficulty expressing myself when answering …”My love for France & all things French comes from various unusual corners of my mind…”