My Passion for Paris (Fr & Eng)

There are so many guidebooks about Paris that every corner of the capital has been written about at one point or another. But I want to share what I believe makes Paris a fantastic and unique city.

Interview: Leslie McAllister

I think my photos are usually about the tension between the real world (as captured in the photograph) and my painter’s desire to turn that world into the one I see in my head.

Interview : Renaud Maigne

Lors de mes nombreux voyages, ce qui me plaisait le plus, c’était lorsque j’étais invité chez l’habitant et que je découvrais les traditions locales. L’idée d’offrir à mon tour à des étrangers la possibilité de découvrir le mode de vie des parisiens autour d’une table m’est très vite venue à l’esprit.

Interview: Susan Paulson

The Five Senses of Paris is a travel experience for women. Where women would come together in Paris, with me, and experience Paris from a creative perspective. Where one could engage, or observe, the arts, ask questions and listen to authors, poets, chefs, and documentary film makers… recreating the salons of the 18th century.

Interview: Ann Mah

I’ve been lucky enough to live in Paris for four years because of my husband’s work (he’s a diplomat and we move often). My time in France isn’t permanent, but it will always be one of my spiritual homes. I love the sense of continuity here, the connection to land, terroir, food and history.

Maje – ma favourite Parisian brand

It’s also incredibly unpretentious, which is not what one would expect. A pleasant surprise. We all know the great (and ridiculously expensive) French brands but the reality is that we cannot all afford to pay €500 for blouse.