Off the beaten Parisian track: 7 French spots to discover

Last month, I wrote about five things you may not yet have done in Paris, focusing on experiences and not just sightseeing. But the sightseeing has its place in the tourist itinerary too. So this month, I would like to share my top seven list of lesser-known sites in Paris, one for each day of the week!

Apero, Chez Roger (Fr & Eng)

Roger, une légende du village m’a accueilli avec quatre bises et un verre de champagne. Au cours des six prochains mois, j’aurai le privilège d’entendre ses histoires.//Roger, a village legend, welcomed me with four kisses and a glass of champagne. Over the course of the next six months I would be privileged to hear his stories.

Interview: Gary Lee Kraut

Interview with travel writer, web-master and tour guide Gary Lee Kraut. Including: What is your connection to France? “We’ve been together a long time but have always had an open relationship.”

Shall we ‘faire le pont’?

If someone asked you “Shall we faire le pont?” how would you react? Is this a pick-up line? There must be a mistake! Well, no mistake at all… we all do this from time to time, it’s just that the French have a name for it.