Christmas: News of Great Joy?

n total juxtaposition to the glamour of the season of Advent, I recently read about a rather controversial decision which would affect the capital – or a good 9.2 per cent of it this year, if the unemployment statistics are anything to go by. During my time in Paris, I remember noticing the stark and irrefutable presence of the city’s SDF (sans domicile fixe, or homeless).

When the French stole Christmas

Coming from the land of Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer and Santa’s little helpers, it was hard to imagine true Christmas could be found anywhere else…who knew what the French ate at their Christmas table?

Christmas season gift guide à la Francaise

‘Tis the season! In honour of the fast approaching Christmas season, I’ve put together a list of my favourite French gifts for all of the stylish and wonderful women on your holiday shopping list.

Christmas in Provence

As you will see, you don’t have to be in or from Provence to have a ‘Bon Nouvè’ (Merry Christmas in Provençal dialect).

French New Year traditions explained

With each new country comes inexplicable or unexpected customs. They’re things you might never have thought of, but are still useful to know. Ever wondered what New Year’s is like in France? Or, are you hoping to look in-the-know this year?

Celebrating New Year in France

But I think my most memorable celebration was the first year I went to live in the city of Paris. Being in the 1st arrondissement, just near the Louvre, we thought the best plan was to go to the Pont des Arts, devoid of love locks at the time, and watch the Eiffel Tower shimmer and shake at midnight.