Interview: Hey I’m lost in cheeseland!

…I do love cheese but admittedly, I’m a poor excuse for a French cheese connoisseur. I adore Comté and goat cheese as well as other mild, hard cheeses, but I cannot stomach the pungent staples of French gastronomy – camembert, Roquefort, Brie, or Epoisses….

Interview: Karen Fawcett,

The more years of experience I put behind me the more ‘soul mates’ I find in the most extraordinary places. Those who know me understand that I am ‘furiously curious’ and this trait brings about all sorts of discoveries, and all sorts of experiences…. here is just one.

Really! I am NOT a francophile – installment #1

The Francophiles that come here are so enamoured with anything French that …. The restaurant could serve up a burnt steak, and the Francophile would just say, “how lovely, the French have such a nice way of charbroiling.”

Interview: Un membre qui est passionné par jewellery

While overseas I saw a few auction houses and saw the opportunity to bring to Australia vintage jewellery, like Victorian, Art Deco and retro pieces. I was selling it to the retailers and developed a passion for these pieces and decided to set up my own retail outlet.