Melbourne in a 2CV: pilotage à la française

Nans is 35 but looks six years younger, he wears a blue marinière and a moustache and not only is he a baker (‘Chouquette’, on Sydney Rd, has been running for four years) but he also runs Melbourne tours in his 2CV he called T1TINE (the ‘1’ because ‘TITINE’ was already taken. Scandalous).

How to dress with French style: 8 easy steps!

French women have a certain chicness most of can only aspire to. Jo has done the hard work and cracked the code to dressing à la francaise for anglophones everywhere. And the best part? It’s an easy, inexpensive look to achieve!

French in Melbourne: how the city reminds me of Lyon

En se perdant dans le centre ville de Melbourne aux abords de ‘Flinders Station’, les laneways, de petites ruelles piétonnes remplies de restaurants atypiques, rappellent l’ambiance de la rue Mercière du second arrondissement lyonnais.