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We all have a story to tell. Sometimes all it needs is the right storyteller.

Meet our community

Our My French Life community is made up of passionate, curious, well educated, affluent, well-travelled, cultured Francophiles and French people from all around the world.

We yearn to live a French lifestyle; to understand the intricacies and paradoxes of France and the French people. We’re seeking out the best insider secrets and advice to become savvy travellers, rather than tourists.

And when we’re not in France we’re planning our next trip there, or looking for ways to add ‘Frenchness’ to our lives everyday.

What is My French Life™?

As a publisher, we produce high quality, targeted and independent content to inspire and engage readers.

We also keep in touch with our community through our active and ever-growing social media communities and our member newsletter, ‘Le Bulletin’.

Translating an online experience into meaningful connections in the real world is very important to us, so we also invite members to our special events all around the world.

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We appreciate those who can help us achieve our dream: people and brands.

All campaigns are bespoke, and can be global or local.

We can help you meet your goals 

Our audience is a community – when they enjoy an experience or value information they share it! They are passionate and influential and we’re here to introduce you.

With more than 20k unique visitors each month exposure to our audience will be great and engagement will be deep.

Tailored packages start at just 250Euro a week. We’d love to introduce you.

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Looking for a close relationship?

A partnership might be for you. We offer content marketing, advertising, sponsorship and much more – together we’ll tailor the campaign and relationship that works best for you to show the results you’re after.

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We’d love to talk about sponsorship opportunities that will help you achieve the brand alignment and target the exact audience you want. This could be for our online magazine, newsletter, regular member events or specific new exciting projects.

Simply want to spread your message?

Perhaps advertising would work best for you. We can develop standalone campaigns to suit your needs.

Do you have a story to tell that you think we’ll love? We can’t wait to introduce you to our community.

Please send all enquiries to me at Judy@MyFrenchLife.org

À bientôt

Judy MacMahon 
My French Life™ – Ma Vie Française®

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