A very French Thanksgiving

Just because I was in a country that called Thanksgiving ‘American Christmas’ was no reason for me to miss the traditions of pie and turkey, and so I started my own traditions… not without a few hiccups along the way.

Sue Hazell: A life in (French) stitches

Her fascination with needlecrafts began at her grandmother’s knee. She loved the brightly coloured skeins of silk and her grandmother’s silver stork-shaped sewing scissors. But I was surprised when Sue revealed that needlework was her least favourite subject at school.

Easter bells and bunnies

The chocolatiers in France make eggs that are not only delicious but also works of art. Their window displays are very elaborate and a feast for the eyes. Their creations often look too beautiful to be eaten!

Sam & Dave Pentin: French chalet owners – Part 2

Dave smiles as the guests approach our table with their jackets zipped up and their gloves on. He and Sam listen to their stories of the morning’s tough red runs and a silly tumble in poor visibility … “The best thing about our job is meeting loads of really nice people,” Sam says.

C’est La Folie

‘C’est La Folie’ sounds like a jovial and bad attempt at calling the world a crazy place. Well, crazy place it might be, but for those of you yet to discover the delightful book that bears this title, I am so excited for you to read it.