From Ivory Coast to France

Many Francophones and Francophiles would like to emigrate to France. Between the desire and achievement, dream and reality, the cliches and the discovery is an adventure.

Healthy food in France

So how hass a new Asiatic restaurant thrived in La Clusaz and why has a small Haute Savoyarde bakery chain started offering three different types of gluten-free bread? It seems that the new generation of locals are also speaking with their wallets.

Squeaky snow washes away dirty Paris

Stepping onto French snow in my ski boots for the first time, I heard the snow squeak. Coming from Australia, my skis had only experienced icy slopes or soggy snow hiding rocks underneath. Powdery, dry snow that squeaked was a new sensation, and I fell in love with the rugged beauty of the French Alps and the amazing postcard-blue sky that was such a rare event in the Snowy Mountain range of home.

Frogs and Snails

My sister Ebony didn’t particularly want to go to France, but when she was forced to visit me for Christmas, she arrived with a strict agenda: to sample proper French cuisine. And by ‘proper French cuisine’, I mean snails and frogs legs.

Interview: Jane Webster – ‘The French Table’ – 1

Episode 1 of 2: The French Dream. Jane Webster runs a unique culinary experience called ‘The French Table’ at Château de Bosgouet in Normandy. Groups of up to twelve people spend a week learning about French food and wine from world class chefs.

Interview: Steve Wells – 2

Episode 2 of 2: Steve Wells, the photographer, “…what I really love making are photos of ‘normal’ things, but slightly twisted or turned a little, to try to make people look at life in a different way. I’m a bit cheeky and love to play with the moment, the person or the object I am shooting.”

Conversations With A Débutante

The first time I saw Paris it was covered in snow. Along the banks of the Seine, on branches of leafless trees in the Luxembourg Gardens, in the crevices of the scrolling ironwork on the windows and balconies, winter had dressed Paris in the pearly white grace of a débutante at her ball.

It’s never too late to apologize

An American girl falling in love with a smoking hot guy in Paris should have all the makings of a clichéd romance. But only if the guy wasn’t a rocket scientist. And only if the girl didn’t dump his sexy French ass on a platform at Gare de Lyon, not apologizing to him until twenty years later.

August in Paris – to go or not to go?

In 2008, we lived in the Montmartre area of Paris … On August 1, we went to our favorite restaurant to discover, much to our dismay, that they would be closed for a month and a half, closing August 1, re-opening September 15. At first I thought, ‘How weird, why would anyone close for a month-and-a-half?’

The life of an English teacher in Paris

The life of a Prof d’anglais isn’t always as idyllic as one would hope though. I often find myself in the metro struggling through a congested corridor, dashing for the RER then squeezing onboard, starring eyeball to eyeball with men in suits talking loudly and obnoxiously on their portables…